About Lauren Berlingeri


Lauren Elise Berlingeri (born September 13, 1985) is a Canadian host, holistic nutrition and sports model.


I grew up playing every sport that my parents would willingly sign me up for, representing my city in soccer and basketball. Soon after I realized that exercise and healthy nutrition kept me at the top of my game. Despite my athletics always having a priority in my life, there was an innate curiosity within myself that was dying to travel around the world. At the age of 16 my athleticism was placed on the back burner in order to set sail on my journey to becoming an international model. Despite having a personality and mindset that often clashed with the mentality pertaining to the world of fashion, I managed to be successful at selling myself to clients and working with on-camera commercials. Modeling was my ticket around the world and I never once looked back. Ten years later I had made my way across 6 continents residing in: Canada, parts of Europe, Australia, South Africa, Indonesia, and Turkey. I managed to sign with the top agencies everywhere I went. My life was constantly changing, but I never lost my passion for sports, movement and nutrition. Rather I had drastically expanded my skill-set and knowledge of how other cultures embraced the human necessity to be active and healthy. If there were such a thing as a health and wellness connoisseur, I would consider myself exactly.

In 2009 I moved to Turkey and decided to take some time away from modeling. I worked in public relations for both Casa del Arte; an established upscale luxury hotel, as well as the opening of Multi Turk: one of the largest mall’s in Istanbul.

In 2010 my Turkish visa expired and I decided to move to New York city to begin a new chapter. I signed with Wilhelmina Modeling Agency to work as a fitness model. I have since been featured in multiple publications such as Women’s Health, Shape Magazine, and Fitness Magazine. While modeling in Manhattan, I decided to further my studies in nutrition at The Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Upon graduation I became a Certified Holistic Nutritionalist and Health Coach.

In 2012 Rodale (the parent company of Men’s Health and Women’s Health magazines) interviewed me as a potential host for an exercise show that was in development at the time. The show was picked up by youtube and later produced. It was titled Woman v. Workout and I was signed as the official host. The concept was further developed into an extreme sports challenge web series. Each episode I was faced with the daunting task of learning an extreme sport in just a few short hours, that would otherwise take months of training. The show was a major success, with the challenges becoming more extreme and physically exhausting. Despite not having any PR, or media exposure: several of the episodes managed to go viral grossing over 1 million viewers. Woman v. Workout produced three successful seasons, in just one year alone.

In 2013 I was nominated for a Webby Award for Best Web Personality/Host; shortly thereafter I signed with William Morris Agency. I am now a host and spokes-model for EASports and UFC. For the last year I have also been significantly involved with an early-stage online health and wellness start-up company. Constantin Binsanz founded ALOHA.com: Top German Entrepreneur of the Year 2012, awarded by Harvard Business Magazine. I actively shaped the business strategy and assisted in the development of the initial product assortment. I now serve as the Brand Ambassador of the company and am on the board of advisors.